Wisconsin Teaching and Learning Collabratory



The Collabratory Model


District teams of educators participate in a two-year series of events within a teaching and learning network led by WASCD, DPI and CESA. Events include a WASCD professional learning series beginning with Jay McTighe on April 25, 2013 that blends seamlessly with regional ongoing connected professional learning led by the DPI Common Core State Standards Team and CESAs.


The district teams will also engage in opportunities to learn from one another by
spotlighting innovative practices and providing input and feedback to districts, organizations, and the DPI for resources being designed for statewide use. This
teaching and learning network will combine synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences and will leverage virtual and in-person platforms for communication, collaboration and learning. WASCD and DPI will monitor progress with the intent of finding and sharing sustainable and replicable best practices.


The first WTLC program, Building an Understanding Based Curriculum Around the Common Core Standards, featuring Jay McTighe is taking place on April 25, 2013 in Menomonee Falls





The Partnership


The Wisconsin Teaching and Learning Collabratory (WTLC) is a partnership formed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) including the Office of Early Learning and the CCSS Standards Team, the statewide Gear-Up program, the Cooperative Educational Service Agency (CESA) Statewide Network and Wisconsin ASCD in order to leverage the strengths of each of these organizations to provide and facilitate statewide professional learning around curriculum, instruction and assessment based on the Common Core State Standards.


As a community, the schools, districts, national and state experts will engage in an extended professional learning experience, using both in-person and blended learning. The work will support and accelerate schools → quality implementation of the Common Core State Standards, and also connect to other statewide initiatives, such as around educator effectiveness, Response to Intervention (RtI), and the new Smarter Balanced assessment system.


WASCD's Role


The WASCD Jay McTighe series, Building and Understanding Based Curriculum Around the Common Core Standards, focuses on innovation, engagement and deeper understanding, on-going, sustained professional development and is guided by the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning to ensure the highest quality professional learning opportunities possible through the involvement of national experts, engagement of participants and sharing of information. Statewide cohort groups will study and implement effective use of the Common Core State Standards through deeper understanding and use of 21st century tools and resources along with the help of national and local experts like Jay McTighe and from DPI, WASCD and the 12 regional CESAs.



2013-2014 Wisconsin Teaching and Learning Collabratory Cohort #1




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